Bakers and Pastry Chefs Deny the Increase in Bread Prices

The National Federation of Bakers and Pastry Chefs has denied the increase in the price of basic bread at present.

In a statement, the federation suggested the possibility of updating the price of bread while awaiting the results of the meeting planned soon with the government sectors concerned, in order to find satisfactory solutions to the urgent problems of the sector, following the increase in price of gas bottles.

The federation affirmed that it is open to active participation in the listening session dedicated to it by the Competition Council concerning the question of the elimination of subsidies on national flour, and to communicate with the Ministry of Interior and to agree on a joint meeting on pressing issues in the sector. This meeting will soon be organized in the presence of the federation, the Ministries of the Interior and Agriculture, as well as the National Office of Cereals and Legumes.

The federation also decided to write to the Prime Minister to open a dialogue on the demands of the sector, and to the Minister of the Interior to address the phenomenon of the proliferation of tin products. In addition, she plans to contact the Minister of Finance to obtain tax and social relief due to the fragility of the sector, similar to other vulnerable sectors.

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