Industry: Bosses optimistic for the next three months


Manufacturers expect an improvement in production and sales over the next three months, according to Bank Al-Maghrib (BAM).

“For the next three months, manufacturers anticipate an increase in production and sales in all branches of activity except in ‘mechanics and metallurgy’ where they rather expect stagnation in production,” indicates BAM in a note on its monthly business survey in the industry for the month of April 2024.

Conducted from May 1 to 30, 2024, this survey also shows an improvement in activity compared to the previous month, adds the same source. Indeed, production would have progressed and the Production Capacity Utilization Rate would have stood at 78%.

Thus, production would have recorded an increase in “chemistry and parachemistry” and in “electrical and electronics”, stagnation in “agri-food” and a decline in “mechanics and metallurgy” and in “textiles and leather”. “.

Regarding sales, they would have experienced stagnation, covering a decline in the local market and an increase in shipments abroad.

By branch, they would have recorded a decrease in all branches with the exception of “chemistry and parachemistry” where they would have rather increased.

As for orders, they would have recorded stagnation, covering an increase in “mechanics and metallurgy” and in “textiles and leather”, stagnation in “agro-food” and in “electrical and electronics”. » and a drop in “chemistry and parachemistry”.

Order books, for their part, would have been at a lower level than normal.

By branch, they would have been higher than normal in “mechanics and metallurgy”, at a normal level in “agro-food” and in “electrical and electronics”, and lower than normal in “chemistry and parachemistry” and in “textiles and leather”.

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