Publication of the sixth volume of the Literature, Art and Language Collection: a journey through transcultural harmonies


The “Literature, Art and Language” Collection, directed by Professor Mounir Oussikoum of Sultan Moulay Slimane University, presents its sixth volume. Entitled “Transcultural Harmonies: Literature, Language and Culture.” Between heritage, resilience and transmission”, this work is prefaced by Bernadette Rey Mimoso-Ruiz, professor emeritus at the Catholic Institute of Toulouse and holder of the Francophonies and Migrations Chair.

Moroccan universities are joined by the Institut Catholique de Toulouse in France, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in the United States, the University of Paris Nanterre in France and the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom.

Professor Mounir Oussikoum expressed his satisfaction with the publication of this volume. He highlighted the importance of international participation and indicated that this issue is characterized by a multidisciplinary approach, offering linguistic, historical, literary and musical perspectives, as well as an approach to heritage management within the framework of tourism economy. As for Bernadette Rey Mimoso-Ruiz, she highlighted the importance of this volume, describing it as an ambitious but essential program at a time when speed tends to prevail over depth and instantaneity over memory.

The contributions offer a diverse and rich vision of the cultural exchanges inherent to the particularity of Morocco, while providing a universal dimension. This allows us to better understand transcultural dynamics in a globalized context. This sixth opus of the “Literature, Art and Language” collection enriches the understanding of cultural dynamics and underlines the importance of resilience and the transmission of heritage in the modern world. It is essential for anyone interested in the complexity and diversity of contemporary cultural exchanges. The richness and variety of the articles are reflected in the table of contents, providing insight into the themes explored and perspectives shared by contributors. She guides curious readers and researchers through the twists and turns of the transcultural harmonies presented in this work.


Transcultural resonances and Amazigh cinema: identity, spirituality, heritage and transmission. Case of Seven Waves of Imourane by Abdellah Dari and Hammou Ounamir by Fatima Boubakdi.


Yennayer formalized in Morocco: towards a resilient cultureme. Case of an Amazigh poem by Issam Ouzaama.

Rachid JAMA, Rachida OURBATI

The interaction of languages: the balance of power existing between the languages ​​in contact on the Moroccan linguistic territory.


Representations of multilingualism among children from immigrant backgrounds in France and family language policy: between transmission and rupture.


Exploration of Moroccan identity through children’s literature.

Fatima OUAHMANE, Abdellah El HOULALI

Literature, heritage and resilience.

Abderrahmane AMHIRIK

Cultural Transmission On The Nocturnes Of John Field And Frédéric Chopin.

Stacy Olive JARVIS

The new linguistic reading of the 3D reconstruction of the Antikythera machine.


Cultural Transfers and resilience of intellectualism in Morocco.


Plea for an alternative imagination.

Norddine LAARABI

The writing of slavery in Louisiana, a writing of history? A look back at the works of Victor Séjour and Alfred Mercier.

Shiraz AMANI

The cognitive counterfactual and the crisis of social maladjustment in the vocabulary of young Moroccans.


Safeguarding oral tradition in sub-Saharan Africa.


Discursive mechanisms in the political discourse of Abdel-ilah Benkiran.


The figures of the Other in My father Morocco and me by Driss Ghali.


Moroccan Darija as a transcultural mediator: teaching Darija to non-native speakers in Essaouira


Cultural tourism and regional development: case of the Beni Mellal-Khenifra Seloua MOUADDINE region

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