Fatima Filali El Idrissi dazzles during her first fashion show in Dubai


Famous Moroccan fashion designer, Fatima Zahra Filali El Idrissi, delighted fashion and art lovers with her first fashion show in Dubai, which took place on June 1. This landmark event saw the participation of more than thirty models, who shone in the unique and daring creations of Fatima Filali El Idrissi.

With this spectacular fashion show, Fatima Zahra Filali El Idrissi was able to highlight the beauty and diversity of clothing that reflects culture and heritage, while merging them with contemporary touches that meet the aspirations of the global audience. This bold step in Dubai, recognized as one of the world fashion capitals, confirms Fatima’s exceptional talent and her ability to innovate and flourish on all stages.

Fatima Zahra Filali El Idrissi said: “I am extremely proud to present my first collection in Dubai. This show was a wonderful opportunity to connect with a new audience and showcase my designs that reflect my unique vision of fashion. I thank everyone who contributed to the success of this event, especially the beautiful models and the team who worked hard to make this a success. »

It should be noted that Fatima Filali El Idrissi began her professional career in (brief biography on her career and history), and quickly became one of the most prominent names in the world of fashion thanks to her creations which combine authenticity and modernity.

*About Fatima Zahra Filali El Idrissi*

Fatima Zahra Filali El Idrissi is a world-renowned fashion designer, known for her innovative and unique designs. She has received several awards and distinctions in the field of fashion, and presents her collections in the main world capitals. Its designs are distinguished by a fusion of cultures and heritage with contemporary touches, making it a center of attention for fashion lovers everywhere.

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