Return to the map of Morocco truncated from its Sahara by Netanyahu: How serious is the position of the current right-wing Israeli government?


The day before yesterday, during an interview with a French channel, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu showed a map of Morocco which excluded the southern provinces, which aroused the anger of all Moroccans.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry provided further justification through its Arab spokesperson, confirming unofficially that it was an “unintentional technical error that has been corrected.”

Netanyahu sparked similar outrage in October last year when a map of Morocco excluding the Sahara appeared in his office while he received Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

The recurrence of this affair raises many questions about the seriousness of the position of the current right-wing Israeli government on the question of the Moroccan Sahara, especially since some observers have linked the “normalization” process to the recognition of the sovereignty of Morocco over the Sahara.

According to an expert, the question of the repeated error of the publication of a truncated map of Morocco by the same “Netanyahu, the head of the Israeli government”, the first in October 2023 when he appeared in his office with the prime minister Georgian with a truncated map of Morocco behind them, so the apology came immediately after the Moroccans’ reaction.

The Arabic-speaking spokesperson for the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs “Hassan Kaabia” reacted on the subject due to his knowledge and then apologized on behalf of Israeli diplomacy, and the apology was broadcast in the media in good faith .

Likewise, the repercussions of this mistake are more serious than the first, given that this time Netanyahu is holding the card with both hands, unlike the previous one, which had been hanging in his office for some time – before the explicit recognition by Israel from the Moroccan Sahara – but now, after recognition, Netanyahu has fallen into the same mistake.

As for the strategic and political implications of this error, the question remains subject to the position of the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, knowing that it would have been desirable for this apology to result in an official statement from Netanyahu personally, given its seriousness and of its repetition, because the double standard and the indecision between recognizing the Moroccanness of the Sahara and holding a truncated map in both hands cannot be accepted.

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