HACK&PITCH: Launch of the 1st Edition of INDH TECH-DAY

lThe 1st edition of INDH TECH-DAY, which coincides with the 19th anniversary of the INDH, is an opportunity to take stock of the hundreds of projects supported, the result of collaboration between the INDH and HACK&PITCH.

“The fruit of a great collaboration between the INDH and HACK&PITCH, this event is an opportunity to launch two other new programs: EBTAKIR SPECIAL “People and fellow citizens with specific needs”, for our smart and inclusive cities, and EBTAKIR SPECIAL IA and robotics, intensive training in these fields for 14-35 year olds, the Neets. Interactive robots will be presented to His Excellency the Governor and officials this Tuesday, June 4, with the launch of the 3rd edition of EBTAKIR WOMEN,” confides Marwa Cheikh-Youssef, President of the Tech Entrepreneurial Movement HACK&PITCH.

This project arises from phase 3 of the INDH program, which aims to strengthen entrepreneurship and the creation of startups with high added value within the entrepreneurial ecosystem, particularly in e-commerce professions. . Let us also remember that this unique program was created for the young people of Ain Chock in order to shine from this central territory at the regional, national and possibly international level. “The EBTAKIR program is a complete incubation program lasting six months, during which the aspiring entrepreneur will follow a support process enriched by varied training sessions in soft skills, as well as legal advice and strategies go-to-market. We provide our aspiring entrepreneurs with equipped and connected offices throughout the incubation period. »

As a reminder, HACK&PITCH is an international movement for the promotion of entrepreneurship among young people, through new disruptive technologies, in all fields. “We have been traveling across our 12 regions of the Kingdom since 2016 and also operate in several countries in our African territory, in order to promote, inspire and support our young people. We train them in the professions of innovation and tech-digital entrepreneurship through our series of disruptive and varied programs, rich in soft skills. Our goal is to transform their mindset and bring their simple idea to an MVP prototype at the end of our innovation programs. Thousands of young people have been inspired for a new mindset, hundreds of IT events have been organized in Morocco and internationally (Jordan, Mali, Burkina Faso, Senegal, etc.) on behalf of governmental and international organizations such as the Government of Luxembourg, Belgium, etc. With several success stories revealed,” concludes Marwa Cheikh-Youssef.


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