Algeria tops the Maghreb countries in the global misery index (HAMI)

Morocco ranked 56th in the annual Misery Index (HAMI) for the year 2023, improving its position by two places compared to the 58th place it had obtained the previous year.

The Misery Index, widely recognized and adopted by the U.S. government, measures the economic well-being of citizens by examining annual inflation, unemployment, and borrowing rates. The annual index for 2023, compiled by economic expert Steve Hanke, covers 157 countries.

In North Africa, Morocco is considered the country with the least misery according to the index, with a ranking lower than Sudan (rank 6), Egypt (rank 18), Algeria (rank 36), Tunisia (rank 38), and Libya (rank 45).

A report from the National Review indicates that the twenty most suffering countries in 2023 remained almost unchanged compared to 2022, with some modifications, such as Cuba, Sri Lanka, Ghana, and Rwanda leaving the top twenty list to be replaced by Pakistan, Malawi, Myanmar, and Egypt.

At the same time, 13 of the 20 least affected countries maintained their ranking for the years 2022 and 2023.

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