The authorities of Casablanca are considering banning mobile cafes and restaurants within the city.


Mohamed Amehdiya, the governor of the Casablanca-Settat region, held a working meeting with the president of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Services of the region, along with several representatives of organizations and associations representing licensed cafe and restaurant owners in Casablanca.

The main subject of this meeting was the correspondence and complaints received by the Ministry of the Interior regarding unfair competition from mobile cafes and restaurants, whose owners offer coffee and meals through cars and tricycles, sometimes in front of cafes and restaurants whose owners pay taxes and operate according to the law by declaring their income and employees.

The meeting resulted in positive reassurances from the professionals, after the governor decided to personally oversee the issue. In a first phase, the register of obligations previously established by the municipal council regarding mobile cafes and restaurants will be reviewed before any action is taken.

The governor assured all professionals that those who do not respect the register of obligations will be subject to sanctions according to the law, confirming that the era of disorder and chaos is over. It is worth noting that initially, sellers of mobile coffee and food were allowed to work outside urban areas and in places where there were no cafes and restaurants before the chaos became so dominant in the sector that some began to park their service vehicles in front of cafes and restaurants.

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