One of our fervent sports journalists has just passed away: the condolences of the Club du Stade Marocain on the death of the late Mohammed Lamsayeh of Reuters and Al Massae. Portrait


It is with affliction and sadness that we have just learned of the death of our colleague Mohammed Lamsayeh which occurred this afternoon of Monday June 3, 2024 following a long illness

The deceased, who is a member of Reuters and Al Massae, having made his debut with our dean Abdelhadi Naji at the sports weekly “Annoukhba”, has always acquired respect and kindness from all those who came into contact with him from near or far because his charisma prevailed on the national and international journalistic scene through his writings as well as through his interventions on Channels of the Arab World

Mohammed Lamsayeh had lived modest, credible, altruistic, esteemed and hardworking in more than one way despite some difficulties experienced during his lifetime as we all have!

Mohammed Lamsayeh will leave a big void after his disappearance since we will miss him enormously through his long and distinctive writings as well as through his very heavy effective presence among us other journalists who have accompanied him in his career for around forty years already. and from which we have learned a lot from collective experiences and numerous trips throughout Morocco, the Arab World or Africa

Today, we can only wish him true Peace for his soul. May ALLAH Have the deceased in His Holy Mercy. We are to ALLAH and to Him we return

Circumstance obliges, the Club du Stade Marocain through the voice of its president Jamal Sennoussi, its committee, its members and its numerous public who knew Mohammed Lamsayeh closely, announce their sincere condolences to the family of the deceased, who during his lifetime was a true supporter of Stade Marocain. Peace be with him. Amen

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