Al-Jadeeda.. Police investigate the arrival of a corpse with a lower limb amputated

New – Misbah Ahmed

The gendarmerie services affiliated to the Royal Gendarmerie of El Jadida are racing against time to shed light on the circumstances of a corpse which was found, according to certain sources, yesterday morning Monday, abandoned outside the urban area from El Jadida. with injuries and bruises to his face, and one of his lower limbs was cut. She was transferred to the morgue of the El Jadida Regional Hospital Center, to be subjected, in accordance with the instructions of the competent public prosecutor’s office, to a medical autopsy, the results of which would determine the cause and circumstances of death.

According to the same sources, members of the victim’s family identified the owner of the body found thrown on the side of the road. He is a car guard who has worked all his life near an administrative annex in Al-Jadida.

Furthermore, sources suggested that the victim’s death was caused by a road accident, associated with an escape crime. However, this should not completely invalidate the hypothesis of a blood crime or murder, which could have been committed by the person who committed it intentionally, with premeditated intention, to cover it up under the appearance of a road accident, to deceive the investigation, research and ongoing investigations, and thus escape the hand of justice and the consequences of the criminal act, which stipulates that the sanction is criminal law.

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