Social housing program: 698,000 units completed until March 2024


The Minister of National Territorial Planning, Urban Planning, Housing and Urban Policy, Fatima Ezzahra El Mansouri, affirmed, Monday in the House of Representatives, that 698,000 housing units have been completed until March 2024 as part of the Social Housing Program at 250,000 dirhams.

Nearly 88,000 units have been completed by the Al Omrane Group with a rate of 13%, while 20,143 units are in progress and 300 units completed and not yet delivered, indicated Ms. El Mansouri in response to an oral question on “ The guarantee of decent housing for the benefit of social categories in precarious situations.

Regarding low-cost housing worth 140,000 dirhams, the minister said that 48,000 units have been built by the Al Omrane Group, noting that 9,000 units are being built and 1,657 others have been completed but not yet delivered.

In this regard, she considered that “the delay in the completion of certain units is due to land clearance”, noting that the ministry and the Al Omrane Group have mobilized partners at the national and territorial levels in with a view to accelerating the land clearance operation and creating individual land titles, in addition to the adoption of a new commercial policy via an electronic platform.

The programs launched thanks to royal initiatives over the last two decades have enabled 4,250,000 low-income citizens to access decent housing, she noted.

In response to another question on “The future of delayed projects at the level of local authorities”, Ms. El Mansouri reported 300 agreements sealed since the launch of the city policy in 2015, including 190 signed during the 2015 period. -2021 and 110 during the current government term.

She also specified that her department has allocated a financial envelope worth 14.8 billion dirhams (9.8 billion dirhams during the period 2015-2021 and 5 billion dirhams for the period 2021- 2024), specifying that a third of the financial commitments and two thirds of the disbursements of funds were made during this government mandate, which indicates the acceleration in the pace of project implementation.

According to the minister, the implementation of works scheduled under 83 agreements was completed during the period 2015-2024, 57% of which concern rural areas, for a total cost exceeding 3.6 billion dirhams, with the ministry contributing to this. with an amount of 2.3 billion dirhams.

These agreements, she continued, provide for the rehabilitation of more than 170 under-equipped neighborhoods, the creation and equipment of local areas and cultural and social facilities, stressing that for the rest of the agreements (197) , the program completion rate is estimated at 50%, knowing that 20 agreements have seen their completion rate disrupted, notably due to the delay in work related to liquid sanitation.

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