Baccalaureate 2024: more than 493,000 candidates for the tests


More than 493,000 candidates will take the national Baccalaureate exam during the current school year, the Minister of National Education, Preschool and Sports, Chakib Benmoussa, indicated on Monday in the House of Representatives.

The educated candidates number 373,087, of which 87% are in the public sector and 54% are girls, indicated the minister who answered oral questions, adding that these candidates are distributed between the scientific and technical branches to the tune of 73 % and literary branches at 26%, while 55% of them are enrolled in international sectors.

For the success of this deadline, Mr. Benmoussa indicated that his department mobilized the various stakeholders and took all organizational and logistical measures so that this exam takes place in the best conditions, by providing 1,833 examination centers with a total of more than 28,000 examination rooms at the level of all the academies, and by mobilizing 40,000 correctors.

Furthermore, 765 subjects were prepared for the two Baccalaureate sessions, including 330 subjects adapted to candidates with disabilities, in addition to the publication of a ministerial decree relating to the procedures for the organization of the baccalaureate tests.

Mr. Benmoussa stressed that his department continued to adopt digital technology for the production and management of baccalaureate certificates and transcripts, by entering the number of the candidate’s electronic national identity card on the baccalaureate certificate. , by strengthening the security of written tests through the adoption of electronic secret codes and by simplifying and digitizing the delivery of baccalaureate examination subjects to the Regional Academies of Education and Training.

In order to combat the phenomenon of cheating in exams, the minister indicated that awareness-raising operations were carried out among candidates in educational establishments, in coordination with regional and security authorities, also noting the mobilization of partners in the education system, particularly students’ families.

The minister stressed that his department ensures the credibility and reliability of baccalaureate exams at the national and international levels in order to facilitate the registration of winners in post-baccalaureate courses, specifying that students have been prepared throughout of the year, to take this exam by offering them appropriate learning conditions and providing them with exam benchmarks, as well as support through educational and psychological support sessions.

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