ONSSA analyzes reveal the causes of the death of 72 sheep near Berrechid.

This week, the commune of M’barekine, in the province of Berrechid, witnessed an unusual event marked by the death of nearly 72 sheep, as well as a few cows, on a single farm. This led to the rapid intervention of the National Food Safety Office (ONSSA).

Upon receipt of the first information on the death of the 72 sheep, ONSSA services went to the site to carry out a preliminary inspection, clinical examinations and take samples for laboratory analysis in order to determine the causes of this massive mortality.

According to exclusive information, ONSSA discovered the cause of the death of the sheep on the aforementioned farm, which was attributed by laboratory analyzes to a recent change in fattening feeding carried out by the owner of the farm. .

This change in diet led to an overgrowth of gut bacteria in the dead sheep, significantly increasing levels of the Clostridium bacteria, which caused poisoning in the sheep on the changed diet.

ONSSA then coordinated with the judicial authorities and the region’s gendarmerie to take samples of the food suspected by the owner of the farm. A surprise visit was made to the headquarters of the company producing these foods and samples were taken for specific analyses.

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