It affects the nervous system and causes loss of vision: What is “Spirito” which caused the death of young people near Kenitra?

More than 19 people died and dozens of young people were seriously injured after consuming a narcotic substance called “Spirito” on the night of Saturday to Sunday, in the Sidi Allal Tazi region, near Kenitra.

“Spirito” is an alcoholic substance used medically as a disinfectant and antiseptic, as well as an antidote. White “Spirito” is also used in perfumes and alcohols in controlled quantities.

“Spirito” consists of two types of alcohol: “methanol”, which is the most dangerous, because when consumed it directly affects the spinal cord and can lead to loss of vision; and “ethanol,” which is less harmful because it is usually diluted and mixed with alcohol.

When “methanol” is consumed incorrectly, it is converted in the body by the same enzyme “alcohol dehydrogenase” to “formaldehyde” and then to “formate”.

These compounds are extremely toxic and destroy nerve cells in the brain, including the optic nerve, and cause blood acidity. Symptoms include an increase in breathing rate as the body tries to compensate for the acidity by eliminating carbon dioxide.

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