On the occasion of International Environment Day, Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort is proud to announce the inauguration of its brand new composting station, dedicated to the treatment of organic waste.

The creation of this composting station is perfectly in line with Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. By recycling organic and food waste, the resort contributes to preserving the environment while promoting sustainable practices. Composting is a natural process where organic waste, such as food scraps, fallen leaves and yard waste, kitchen scraps like coffee grounds or eggshells break down and are recycled to produce compost. natural fertilizers. This fertile product improves soil quality and promotes plant growth, transforming waste into a valuable resource.

The stages of composting at Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort:

Waste collection: Collection of organic waste such as fruit and vegetable scraps, dead leaves, garden waste, and kitchen waste such as coffee grounds or egg shells.

Grinding: Reduction of organic waste into small pieces, which accelerates their decomposition by increasing the contact surface with microorganisms.

Aeration and mixing: Regular mixing of waste to promote aeration and distribute microorganisms and moisture evenly throughout the compost pile.

Initial decomposition: Microorganisms begin to break down organic waste in an anaerobic (oxygen-free) environment, producing heat as a byproduct.

Active decomposition: Aerobic microorganisms take over and continue to decompose organic waste in an aerated environment, also generating heat.

Moisture Control: Monitoring and adjusting the moisture level of the compost to maintain optimal decomposition conditions, typically between 60 and 70% humidity.

Compost maturation: The waste gradually transforms into a mature and stabilized soil amendment, generally after several weeks to several months depending on the composting conditions.

Use of compost: Incorporation of mature compost into the soil to enrich its structure, improve its fertility and promote plant growth.

This innovative project complements the Wastewater Treatment Plant (STEP) installed since the opening of the resort in 2009, which treats all the Resort’s wastewater, thus reinforcing Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort’s commitment to the environment and consolidating its positioning as an eco-responsible establishment. With these initiatives, Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort continues to lead the way in sustainable development and responsible resource management for a greener future, where every action counts to preserve our planet.

Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort invites all of its employees, customers and partners to celebrate this significant progress and to commit together to a healthier and more sustainable environment.

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