A gendarme from the motorcycle brigade was injured in a road accident in Bensouda, Fez

A. Muhyawi – Heba Press

Today, Wednesday June 5, a gendarme suffered fractures and bruises on different parts of the body, following a road accident in which he was involved, in the Bensouda district, in the province of Zouagha.

According to sources obtained by Heba Press, the Bensouda Cycling Brigade police officer was going to work on the service’s motorcycle, but he was involved in a road accident after being hit by a large truck.

According to the same sources, the accident mobilized agents of the Bensouda Company Gendarmerie and the Royal Gendarmerie, as well as security agents affiliated with the Traffic Accident Authority, who arrived on the scene to carry out the operations. .

The injured gendarme was transferred to the emergency department of the Hassan II University Hospital of Fez, to receive the necessary care, while security agents opened an investigation into this matter to determine the circumstances and circumstances of the accident, under competent public oversight. prosecutor.

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