Derraji confirms the illness of the Algerian system and once again reactivates the external conspiracy theory.

The clown Hafid Derraji returned to entertain us with his amusing remarks, after the bloody disturbances that took place at the Martyr El Hamlaoui stadium in Constantine, Algeria, during the match between the Constantine youth and the USMA.

Derraji came out with illogical excuses that even a healthy mind cannot accept, going so far as to accuse internal and external parties of conspiracy, repeating – once again – the same record of the “cabarets” who do not hesitate to export any crisis they encounter, raising slogans that sow discord and disrupt national stability and security.

Derraji did not rule out the possibility that the same scenario would happen again in the upcoming match against the Guinean team in the World Cup qualifiers, in order to influence the course of the Greens in the qualifiers, which could deprive them of playing their opponents in Algeria.

Derraji’s exit confirms the illness of the Algerian system and its inability to deal with most of the problems facing the country, the “cabarets” having found their refuge in blaming their failure on foreign third parties. In turn, they accuse Morocco of being responsible for the forest fires and their failure to put them out, then for the water shortage and the drying up of dams, and sometimes even for sending harmful insects to destroy the Palm trees. We wouldn’t be surprised if they also blamed Morocco for the increase in pollution in the eastern neighbor, or the failure of the national team in upcoming sporting events.

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