Morocco is moving up a gear in military defense industry projects.

Morocco has entered a new era which will place it among the world’s industrial powers, particularly in the sector of military defense industries, a domain reserved for a few powerful and major countries.

Drawing on its industrial and military experience, Morocco has decided to embark on the adventure of industrial defense production by transforming itself into a producing country in this area.

In this regard, Morocco has decided to create two defense industrial acceleration zones, in accordance with what was approved during the last council of ministers chaired by King Mohammed VI.

According to this decree, two defense industrial acceleration zones will be created on land belonging to the Housing and Military Equipment Agency.

Activities planned in these Defense Industrial Acceleration Zones include manufacturing of defense and security equipment and materials, manufacturing of weapons systems, production of munitions and other defense industrial activities.

Recently, Morocco began manufacturing several combat drones, having acquired extensive experience in civil aeronautical manufacturing, with many aircraft parts produced in Morocco.

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