The achievements of the State of Cabarets… Algerian citizens only drink water once every 3 days instead of 15 days.

The Algerian city of Tiaret was the scene of popular unrest due to the drinking water crisis in most of its neighborhoods and municipalities, where dozens of citizens came out to protest by blocking the roads in several places by erecting barricades with tires, stones and concrete blocks.

Tiaret is facing a water crisis due to the falling water level of the Boukhadra dam, which supplies water to four municipalities, including the wilaya capital.

In his first comment on the situation, the wali of Tiaret, Ali Bouguerra, announced an emergency program to manage the water crisis, explaining that the current solution to supply water to the capital of the wilaya – from here the month of June – consists of using tankers from several wilayas, in order to prevent the demonstrations from turning into unrest threatening the fragile stability of the eastern neighbor, a few days before the presidential elections.

The wali’s intervention sparked a wave of mockery after he claimed that the state now provides drinking water to Algerian citizens once every three days instead of once every 15 days. This statement quickly spread on social networks, where some mocked the apparent power of the eastern neighbor, which failed to provide the basic needs of its citizens such as water, flour, oil and Milk.

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