Listed companies: Double-digit growth expected in 2024


The Moroccan stock market could experience double-digit growth in terms of profit capacity of listed companies during the year 2024, indicated the Deputy Managing Director of BMCE Capital Global Research, Hicham Saadani.

“We anticipate a double-digit increase in the earnings power of listed companies for the year 2024. Moreover, even in 2025, we expect significant earnings growth. These prospects create favorable and attractive conditions for investors,” underlined Mr. Saadani, in an interview given to MAP on the sidelines of the third edition of the Moroccan Equity Summit.

According to the expert, the stock market is currently benefiting from solid dynamics, supported by a favorable context and promising prospects, in particular the organization of the World Cup which has stimulated several sectors, opening major investment opportunities for listed companies.

These prospects are generating increased interest in the Moroccan stock market, both among local and international investors, which strengthens Morocco’s position on the global economic scene, he said.

Furthermore, Mr. Saadani stressed that the market is assessed at high valuation levels, around 18.2 to 18.3, noting, however, that these levels remain below the average of the last five years. This indicates that there is still potential for investors who can find attractive profitability opportunities among several listed companies.

Concretely, he estimated that the construction, real estate development and health sectors present promising prospects, while the banking sector continues to play a crucial role in financing this economic dynamic.

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