President Macron dissolves the National Assembly and announces early legislative elections


French President Emmanuel Macron announced, on Sunday evening, the dissolution of the National Assembly and the holding of early legislative elections, following the proclamation of the results of the European elections won by the far-right party, the National Rally (32.3%).

“The main lesson is clear: this is not a good result for the parties which defend Europe, including that of the presidential majority”, affirmed the French head of state whose “Renaissance” party did not obtained only 15.4 pc of the votes during this European election with very national issues.

The National Rally led by Jordan Bardella (28 years old) will thus obtain 31 seats in the European Parliament, followed by Renaissance (14 seats), then the Socialists (13 seats).

The other parties will share the remaining 23 seats out of the 81 that France has in the European Parliament.

President Macron conceded that “far-right parties are making progress all over the continent”, noting that “in France their representatives reach almost 40% of votes cast”.

“I will therefore not be able to act, at the end of this day, as if nothing had happened,” noted Mr. Macron, announcing that after having carried out the consultations provided for in Article 12 of the French Constitution, the decision to “give back to the French the choice” of their future.

“I have decided to give you back the choice of our parliamentary future through voting. I am therefore dissolving the National Assembly this evening,” the president announced in a serious tone.

“I will sign in a few moments the decree convening the legislative elections which will be held on June 30 for the first round and July 7 for the second round,” said Mr. Macron, noting that this is a decision “serious” and “heavy”, but above all “an act of confidence in the ability of the French people to make the most just choice for themselves and for future generations”.

The participation of French voters in this European election, which had a strong impact on the political balances in place, was 52.5%, according to estimates relayed by the media.

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