Algeria: Shawarma and chicken preserved with a corpse preservation solution

Algerian public opinion is shaken by a health scandal, after the Oran police arrested one of the main distributors of prepared meats intended for shawarma restaurants in the wilaya, involved in fraud and the marketing of products contaminated by a carcinogenic substance threatening public health.

According to Algerian media, he is a forty-year-old who operated a vast clandestine workshop located in the Hassi region to cut and marinate white meats, with the aim of distributing them ready for grilling on a large scale to snack bars and restaurants. shawarma in Oran.

After searching the premises, a considerable quantity of corpse preservation solution (Laveau water) was found. The suspect used it to mask the odors of his rotten meat products, adding spices to reduce the bad odors of decomposition and putrefaction, and always spraying the rotten meat with the corpse preservation solution until saturation, so that It appears to look and smell like fresh chicken.

This large-scale operation resulted in the seizure of 467 kilograms of white chicken-type meat, completely unfit for human consumption, and three buckets filled with a banned chemical substance. The specialists present on site immediately identified it by its characteristic penetrating odor as Laveau water. The total capacity of this substance was estimated at more than 6 liters.

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