The Morocco-Nigeria Gas Pipeline, “a project serving peace in West Africa”


The Morocco-Nigeria Gas Pipeline is a project serving peace in West Africa and aims to achieve economic integration in the continent, the London newspaper Alarab wrote on Monday.

Morocco strives to forge promising economic partnerships on the basis of the win-win principle, underlines the newspaper, adding that the Kingdom adopts a policy based on the achievement of economic integration, particularly with its African environment, like the Gas pipeline project.

This determination of the Kingdom reflects the conviction of King Mohammed VI that “peace cannot be achieved at the continental and international levels without a global approach, based, among other pillars, on economic development”, underlines the author of the article.

In this regard, he recalled that the King had affirmed, in the message addressed by the Sovereign to the participants in the joint annual meetings of Arab financial institutions, the work of which opened on Saturday in Rabat, that “the Kingdom of Morocco has engaged in numerous projects that aim to strengthen Arab and African economic integration, such as the Morocco-Nigeria gas pipeline project. In fact, this strategic project, in favor of peace and common development, aims to consolidate energy security at the continental and international levels.

The Sovereign welcomed “the support of regional and international financial institutions, which supported the financing of the studies of this promising project and which demonstrated their willingness to support the start of this structuring continental project,” adds the publication.

Citing observers, the newspaper notes that the gas pipeline project will have a great impact on the economy of Africa, particularly countries located in the west of the continent, in the wake of disruptions in energy supplies at the level. global.

In this sense, the author of the article quotes the professor of international relations at Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakech, Khalid Chiat, who affirms that Morocco has linked the implementation of this project to peace and stability between countries, as well as regional economic integration.

The professor explains that with the obstacles facing the Arab Maghreb Union project, “Morocco is focusing on the African process as a space for implementing economic integration”, noting that Nigerian gas will have a positive impact on the stability, economic development and rapprochement of the countries it will travel through.

The newspaper also recalls that Morocco and the OPEC Fund for International Development (OPEC FUND) signed an agreement worth $14.3 million last May to finance a part of the second phase of detailed pre-project studies of the Morocco-Nigeria gas pipeline project.

Likewise, the Nigerian company “Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited” had announced its intention to invest $12.5 billion to guarantee a 50% stake in the project, the publication adds.

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