Nador/ “Boxing Night Nador”: vibrant tribute to the vigilance of the National Security


The city of Nador has just lived to the tune of an international event, the “Boxing Night Nador” Boxing gala, a great meeting that the city has never experienced like, for so much intensity and vibration

Such an unprecedented gathering in a city eager for major events requires immense vigilance and significant security assistance because the public was curious to discover something new and moreover wanted to live to the rhythm of the meeting and thus come in countless numbers to witness and meet boxing champions up close

This much-touted evening and the best dish to follow, the public from all over the Region hastily rushed in groups or families or all the young people joined so that the Indoor Sports Hall in Nador was completely full. crack, in addition to hundreds remaining outside and others who completely filled the area and for good reason…the whole city was awake for such a wonderful moment of entertainment

In this specific environment therefore, and to better manage the event, it was necessary to have a strict and well-organized presence on the part of the elements of the National Security and whether we like it or not, the entire National Security Corps all ranks combined was notably up to the occasion, leaving nothing to chance, always omnipresent and in the oven at the mill, acting with meticulousness and real intelligence avoiding any touch that could lead to a nasty confrontation

Indeed, the National Security Corps, in parallel with this great evening, was able to get out of it wisely, without embarrassment because those who assumed responsibility that night were fine sleuths who gave their all to their hearts. , paying attention to the smallest details, which ensured that the event was able to fully succeed and achieve the long-awaited success thanks to this assurance offered by all elements of National Security, without exception, who deserve to occasion a vibrant tribute for their considerable efforts made from very early in the morning of the demonstration until late in the morning of the next day…a real sacrifice, a remarkable discipline and a reputation of great value

Also, we can only be proud of the preponderant role that our National Security plays every time the opportunity arises and whatever its quality, it always finds a way to prove its competence.

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