The Brazilian position on the Sahara crowns the “diplomatic achievements” accumulated by Morocco in recent years (Argentinian media)

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Several Argentine media were interested this weekend in the position of support that Brazil has just announced in favor of the autonomy initiative in the Sahara which represents, according to them, a crowning achievement of the “diplomatic achievements” accumulated by the Morocco in recent years.

The information site “El desafio semanario” estimates that the year 2024 sees the culmination of “a series of achievements and permanent advances, which are added to support of all kinds for the autonomy initiative , as the best tool to put an end to the conflict fomented from Algeria for other purposes.”

Listing all the achievements made in recent years in terms of support for the Moroccan position, the site “” focused on the support expressed in particular by the United States, France and Spain. , adding that more recently two Caribbean countries, namely Saint Kitts and Nevis and the Commonwealth of Dominica, reiterated their constant position in favor of Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara and its territorial integrity.

“” and “” are two other Argentine media which emphasized the favorable position expressed by Japan which “welcomed the serious and credible Moroccan efforts” within the framework of the initiative autonomy for the Moroccan Sahara.

The same sources indicated that on the African continent, two new accessions were announced: Liberia, which reaffirms its support for the integrity and sovereignty of Morocco over its entire territory, and Sierra Leone, which considered the Autonomy Initiative as the only “credible, serious and realistic” solution to this conflict.

Finally, “” recalled the letter sent by around thirty British MPs to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, David Cameron, requesting the rapid recognition of the Moroccan Autonomy Plan as the only viable, serious and realistic solution to the dispute over the Moroccan Sahara.

By listing these numerous supports for Morocco’s autonomy initiative, these Argentine media underline the “dynamism” driven by HM King Mohammed VI to the actions of Moroccan diplomacy in Europe, Asia and America, succeeding in providing the Kingdom with a status of “country of geopolitical interest”.

They note that the Sahara Autonomy Initiative “represented a significant change in the diplomatic strategy” of the Kingdom.

This diplomatic “dynamism” was crowned this Friday by the position of “the Federative Republic of Brazil (which) welcomed the serious and credible efforts of Morocco to move forward towards a settlement of the dispute around the Moroccan Sahara, as part of the autonomy initiative presented by the Kingdom in 2007,” they concluded.

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