Berlin: Morocco’s commitment to the fight against climate change

HIBAPRESS-RABAT-MTL ​The Minister of Transport and Logistics Mr. Mohammed ABDELJALIL reaffirmed, Tuesday June 4, 2024 in Berlin, Morocco’s commitment to the fight against climate change. “In addition to our national action, by controlling our emissions, we will be able, thanks to our natural resources and our proximity to Europe, to be part of the solution on a global scale in the fight against climate change,” indicated Mr. ABDELJALIL, who spoke by videoconference at a press conference, on the sidelines of the 2nd international dialogue on e-fuels, which is being held in Berlin.

The Minister mentioned that Morocco started developing renewable wind and solar energy a long time ago, and today it has very solid expertise in this area, noting that Morocco is still committed and ready to contribute to the fight against climate change.

And to underline the imperative to strengthen solidarity and multilateral cooperation to succeed in the energy transition in the transport sector around the world.

To this end, he insisted on the need to take into account the particularities of developing countries, their situation being different from that of advanced countries, adding that it would be regrettable if advanced industrial countries achieved zero greenhouse gas emissions. greenhouses, while developing countries lag behind. The world also needs the growth of these countries to be sustainable in order to achieve the objectives necessary to combat global warming,” he noted.

“I hope that we can find financial solutions, because we need innovative and very incentive financing if we want to fight against global warming and continue to promote e-fuels,” added the minister.

Mr. ABDELJALIL also emphasized the relevance of the German initiative to organize these international dialogue meetings on e-fuels at the political level, highlighting the importance of political support for the success of alternative fuel projects in particular and for the success of the energy transition of the transport sector in general.

In this context, he expressed Morocco’s readiness to host the third edition of this dialogue, in partnership with Germany.

The Kingdom was represented at the international e-fuels dialogue (June 4-5) by Mr. Tarik Talibi, Director General of Civil Aviation, reporting to the Ministry of Transport and Logistics, and the Moroccan Embassy in Germany.

The second edition of this event, which saw the participation of many countries, aims to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the transport sector, in particular that of civil aviation.

The Moroccan delegation also participated in the work of the fourth Berlin aviation summit, focusing on the future of aviation and its sustainability. This event, organized by the German Aerospace Industry Association and the German Space Center, aims to promote sustainable aviation at all levels.

This meeting was marked by the participation of senior officials and experts from the sector in discussions focused mainly on ways to develop “advanced, sustainable and affordable” air transport, while taking advantage of available technologies and new generation of aircraft.

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