Taroudant: Arrest of a criminal gang who stole money from a gas station

Security coordination between “Al-Desti” and the judicial police services for the security of Ouled Tayma in Taroudant made it possible to elucidate the mystery of a robbery that occurred at a gas station in the Chrarda district of the city of Ouled Tayma, and the arrest of four members of a criminal gang.

The arrested gang members had used a rental car to rob a sum estimated by our sources at around 40 million centimes at a gas station in recent weeks, leading to further investigation into the crime. ‘operation.

Members of the regional division affiliated with the National Territorial Surveillance “Al-Desti” followed the thread of the theft, which contributed to identifying the perpetrators, although they carried out the operation wearing masks on their faces, but the in-depth investigations made it possible to suspect one of the station’s employees and to investigate him. Then his accomplices were arrested.

The members of this criminal gang were placed in Taroudant prison, awaiting trial for the charges against them.

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