The Minister of Transport: We have allocated 400 billion dirhams to connect 43 cities by trains.

The Minister of Transport and Logistics, Mohamed Abdellah El Jilali, confirmed that the Kingdom has an ambitious master plan developed by the National Railway Office to cover the entire national territory with a railway network.

During his responses to questions from parliamentarians at the Council of Advisors on Tuesday, the minister mentioned that the plan includes new railway lines, “high-speed train lines of 1,300 km/h” and “classic lines of 3,800 km” .

This plan will connect 43 cities instead of 23, offering services to 87% of the population instead of 51%, with a financial budget estimated at more than 400 billion dirhams.

The minister also added that the high-speed network is based on two axes, “the Atlantic axis and the Maghreb axis”, noting that the plan includes projects linking 14 ports and 12 airports, as well as other projects.

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