Mediouni: Medical Supplies Expert monitors the importance of technology in dentistry


Dounia Mediouni, Director of the Dental Project, confirmed that Morocco is strongly moving towards the manufacturing of medical supplies related to the dental sector, to achieve health sovereignty and provide treatments to all Moroccans, explaining that dentistry is developing significantly in the Kingdom, which prompted professionals and the “Dental Project” Foundation to develop international partnerships to bring the latest technologies in the field of dentistry, and to provide modern medical products for dental treatment.

Dounia Mediouni explained that digitalization and artificial intelligence are today the important factor in the development of the dental sector, and that the “Dental Project” Foundation is working to introduce the latest technologies in the field of digitalization and artificial intelligence in dentistry, considering that the International Forum “Dental Expo 2024” is a platform and space to communicate with professionals, dentists and dental restorators, Working together to provide the best health and therapeutic services to Moroccans in best level.

Dounia Mediouni highlighted the role of the Forum through scientific conferences that contribute to the provision of new scientific information, applications and training that enable dentists to work in line with the significant development of the sector.

Dental Project develops businesses with countries in Asia, Europe and America to bring new dental technologies, machines, tools and health products for public and private sector dentists to provide Moroccan treatment in a way that corresponds to the aspirations of Moroccan citizens and public health.

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