Rabat car park: work is accelerating in the largest car park in Morocco.

Companies overseeing major works at the Prince Moulay Abdellah complex in Rabat and its surrounding facilities are continuing operations at a rapid pace, having doubled the number of workers on construction sites opened in recent days.

The number of working hours of rotating teams has also been doubled, working day and night, so that all facilities at the Prince Moulay Abdellah complex are ready for delivery on time.

Among these major projects, we include the Grand Stade de Rabat car park project, which will be the largest and most imposing car park in Morocco, being built next to the new Rabat stadium and the athletics stadium currently under construction. .

According to observations from Hiba Press, work on the Rabat car park is progressing at a very rapid pace. Work on the first and second basements of the first batch of the project has been completed, while the second phase of expansion of the parking space has begun.

It should be noted that the project also includes the construction of several parking lots to serve spectators. In addition to the three-story north parking lot for up to 3,300 cars, a south parking lot adjacent to the athletics and football stadium will be built, with two underground levels capable of accommodating 1,900 cars.

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