The majority of Moroccan families wait “until the last minute” to buy sheep at the best price.

“The market is there, but buyers are rare,” comments one of the sellers at “Rahba Mediouna”, a market specially created to bring Eid sheep closer to the inhabitants of Casablanca and neighboring towns.

Intense activity of citizens, alone or in groups, a herd of various breeds, including imported foreign ones, but “sales are low” according to most breeders exhibiting their livestock in this seasonal market.

Regarding the reason, although Eid al-Adha is a few days away, some breeders say that the majority of Moroccan families wait until the last two days to buy the sheep, believing that prices will drop.

However, one seller insists that the opposite will happen in the last two days, as supply and demand are the main determinants of sales prices. As demand increases at the ‘last minute’, supply will decrease and, as a result, prices will rise sharply.

A breeder adds: “Anyone who wants quality must plan in advance. Those who wait for the price to drop on the last day will only find leftovers from the market and pay a high price for them,” adding that rumors that herders will be forced to sell their herd at any price before Eid are unfounded and that this false information will expose citizens to speculation on prices and they risk not finding what they are looking for, particularly in terms of quality.

Some breeders gave the example of the last two years, where one said: “Every year you hear the same story. Last year and the year before, they said the price would drop on the last day, but ultimately the citizens could not find sheep for Eid and the prices doubled. Some were still looking for a sheep until midnight on the eve of Eid.”

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