Hilal warns the international community against Algeria’s malicious intentions towards Morocco.

Exercising his right of response twice following the false remarks of the Algerian ambassador to the United Nations, Amar Bendjama, during the work of the Committee of 24, the ambassador permanent representative of Morocco to the UN, Omar Hilale, warned the UN organization, the international community and the Algerian people against the malicious intentions of the Algerian regime against Morocco and its superior interests.

In this context, Ambassador Hilale declared that Algeria, having exhausted all its supporters and accomplices, brought to the meeting of the Committee of 24 three people who betrayed their country, presenting them as “petitioners”, not not to talk about the Moroccan Sahara, but to incite violence and attack the sacred institutions of the Kingdom. “What happened during this session is unacceptable. I therefore ask this committee and the Algerian people to be witnesses to what is happening,” he added.

The Moroccan diplomat claimed that “the Algerian government brought a band of mercenaries to New York, financed them, bought their plane tickets and covered their hotel expenses to attack the Kingdom’s institutions. Morocco, an ancient nation with a monarchy of five centuries, will never bring in Algerians to attack the Algerian state and its institutions,” stressing that “bringing in these three criminals is in itself the failure of the Algeria and its separatist project.

Mr. Hilale explained that Algeria no longer finds support for its false theses concerning the Moroccan Sahara, which is why it brought in three Moroccans to attack their own country. “They are traitors and it is shameful that the Algerian government resorts to such practices,” he stressed, emphasizing that “Morocco is a country of principles and values, a nation with an ancient civilization. . Morocco will never attack Algerian institutions or Algerian statesmen, and will never pay an Algerian to come and attack the foundations of the Algerian state.”

Faced with a public astonished by Algeria’s vile maneuvers, Morocco’s permanent representative to the UN stressed that “Algeria has spent billions of dollars on its +polisario+ mercenaries. And now she’s also spending millions of dollars seducing a handful of strangers. It’s regrettable. I call on this United Nations assembly and the international community, especially the Algerian people, to be aware of how their money is being spent.”

He claimed that “while the Algerian people queue to buy flour, milk, bananas and other products, the Algerian government distributes money to mercenaries who are housed in five-star hotels in New York, whose sole aim is to slander Morocco.”

Faced with the embarrassing silence of the Algerian ambassador and his inability to respond to these accusations, Ambassador Hilale expressed his disappointment towards his Algerian counterpart, questioning him and presenting him with real and shocking facts that occurred during this session, while the Algerian diplomat tried to ignore them, as usual.

Mr. Hilale, relying on evidence, added “at the end of this session, my brother the Algerian ambassador left the room to greet the three criminals and congratulate them publicly, telling them that they had done well” .

Mr. Hilale firmly denounced “this is how Algerian diplomacy works, this is what the Algerian mission to the United Nations does. They bring in agents, traitors and mercenaries. The Algerian ambassador feels no shame for his provocative actions, publicly welcoming and congratulating them. What infamy for this neighboring country.”

In response to the Algerian ambassador’s statements regarding human rights, the Moroccan ambassador refuted his lies, explaining that it is enough to contact the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to find out about the open invitation that Morocco sent to 12 holders of special procedures mandates of the Human Rights Council to visit the Kingdom, including its Sahara. He added that Algeria, which claims in New York that the Tindouf camps are open to all, should inform the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva.

“I hope that the Algerian ambassador will present to us these invitations addressed to the special procedures of the Human Rights Council. Morocco, for its part, is ready at any time to reveal the invitations sent to the 12 mandate holders within the framework of the special procedures of the Human Rights Council,” he said.

Ambassador Hilale concluded by saying “it would be better if the Algerian ambassador concerned himself with the rights of the oppressed Algerian people, especially the Kabyles who have been languishing in Algerian prisons for years.”

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