Algeria: A “shawarma” impregnated with corpse preservation product causes great panic

Specialized services in Algeria have detected shawarmas impregnated with a corpse preservation product, sold to the general public, which caused great panic among the Algerian population.

According to Algerian media sources, authorities seized two hundred and sixty-seven kilograms of white chicken meat unfit for human consumption in the city of Oran, in a clandestine white meat preparation workshop.

After inspection, it turned out that the owner of the workshop is one of the largest distributors. Inside, three buckets filled with “Laval” chemical water used for the preservation of corpses were found, containing more than six liters, used to spray meat to mask rotting, with the aim of distributing them to restaurants and fast food restaurants.

The Algerian authorities also seized a set of delivery notes numbering around fifty, all belonging to one of the largest approved private slaughterhouses, whose products cover almost the entire Oran white meat market.

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