Import restrictions: EU initiates procedure against Algeria


The European Union launched a dispute settlement procedure against Algeria on Friday, with a view to remedying several restrictions imposed on EU exports and investments and defending European companies.

Brussels considers that Algeria, which has imposed restrictive trade measures since 2021, “does not respect its trade liberalization commitments under the EU-Algeria Association Agreement”, underlines the European Commission in a press release.

“In light of the unsuccessful efforts to resolve the matter amicably, the EU has taken this step to preserve the rights of aggrieved EU exporters and EU companies operating in Algeria,” it said. the Commission, noting that the Algerian measures also harm Algerian consumers, due to an unduly restricted choice of products.

The European Executive highlights several measures from Algiers, including a system of import licenses having the effects of an import ban, subsidies conditional on the use of local inputs for car manufacturers and an ownership ceiling foreign for companies importing goods into Algeria.

If no solution is found at the end of this procedure, the EU “will have the right, under the EU-Algeria Association Agreement, to request the creation of an arbitration panel”, adds the press release.

In recent years, the EU has repeatedly expressed its concerns regarding trade restrictions in several sectors of the market to the Algerian authorities, to no avail, notes the Commission.

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