Operation “Marhaba 2024”: Arrival of the first ship at the port of Al Hoceima


The first ship carrying around 220 Moroccans living abroad (MRE) and 64 vehicles arrived on Saturday at the port of Al Hoceima, as part of the “Marhaba 2024” operation to welcome MREs.

This trip, operated by a ship with a capacity of 1,500 passengers and 300 vehicles, linking Al Hoceima to the port of Motril (Spain), comes on the eve of Eid Al-Adha, an occasion that many Moroccans around the world hold to celebrate in the Kingdom with their families.

The director of the port of Al Hoceima, Adil El Bardi, noted that this trip took place in a positive atmosphere marked by the general mobilization of all stakeholders, led by the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, as well as as well as the services of the Royal Gendarmerie, National Security, Customs, and port and local authorities, in order to ensure the crossing takes place in very favorable conditions.

In this same vein, he stressed that all the necessary measures and arrangements have been taken at the port of Al Hoceima, to succeed in the 2024 crossing operation and guarantee the comfort of passengers, recalling that a series of measures have been put in place. in place to facilitate the crossing of people with specific needs and the elderly, by providing them with all the logistical means and human resources to help them, both on board the ship and at the reception and crossing level. .

Mr. El Bardi noted that a significant influx of members of the Moroccan community residing abroad is expected in the coming days, which coincide with the start of the school holidays, stressing that a large capacity ship has been mobilized to ensure the maritime line serving Al Hoceima-Motril.

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