Aid El Adha and health: family concept


The festival of sacrifice is of great importance for the entire Muslim community. It is a religious festival marked by strong community solidarity, an outpouring of generosity and empathy towards the most deprived and by a festive celebration around dishes prepared in accordance with Moroccan culinary traditions.

The recipes made during Eid Al Adha are a major characteristic of this celebration, the preparation is often done as a family in an atmosphere of joy and sharing. The basic element of all these recipes is mutton which is prepared in different ways by combining spices, changing the cooking method or adding sweet and savory foods to the delight of gourmet palates.

The combination of this festive atmosphere with gourmet dishes can easily lead to excesses. We often hear that Eid is only once a year and that therefore, it is permissible to let yourself go during this period.

It is true that you should not deprive yourself and take advantage of the opportunity to treat yourself, however it is important to be aware of the risks that excess food can have on your health and act to prevent them. By following a few simple recommendations, it is possible to fully enjoy the feast of sacrifice while avoiding health problems.

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