Meknes: More than 87 million dirhams to make up for deficits in basic services in disadvantaged areas


A total of 42 projects with a total investment of more than 87 million dirhams (MDH) have been carried out or planned, between 2019 and 2023 at the level of the prefecture of Meknes, as part of the program to make up for deficits in infrastructure and basic services in disadvantaged territories of the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH).

These projects, to which the INDH contributed nearly 80 million dirhams, benefit 167,000 people spread across the territory of the prefecture, according to the Social Action Division (DAS) at the Meknes prefecture.

The program to make up for deficits in infrastructure and basic services in disadvantaged areas has made it possible to carry out projects affecting rural roads and tracks (16), health (11), drinking water (8) and education. (7).

According to the same source, these operations contributed to the reduction of disparities on the social and territorial levels at the prefecture level by promoting the opening up of the population of remote douars through the development of roads and tracks, the improvement of rural access to basic services (drinking water, health and education) and the creation of conditions for economic development in rural areas.

To this end, the INDH succeeded in supplying 33 douars in different communes of the province with drinking water by mobilizing more than 42 MDH for the completion of the eight scheduled projects, in addition to the construction and development of 43.26 km of roads and rural tracks having benefited 57 douars.

The intervention of the INDH also concerned the acquisition of 5 ambulances for the benefit of as many municipalities, the construction and equipment of 5 rural health centers and the upgrading of 7 educational establishments (more than 10 MDH ) for the benefit of 608 students.

It should be remembered that the program for making up for deficits in infrastructure and basic services in disadvantaged territories targets disadvantaged douars and under-equipped rural centers, through two main axes;

This involves support for disadvantaged douars as part of the implementation of the INDH component of the program to reduce territorial and social disparities in rural areas (PRDST). It concerns five priority sectors: opening up, health, education, water and rural electrification.

The effort also concerns support for access to infrastructure and basic social services in under-equipped neighborhoods and rural centers by supporting other INDH programs with off-site micro-projects such as the construction of a road. connection or gateway to facilitate access to preschool education units.

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