Celebrations of Raja supporters: a young person killed and seven people arrested in Casablanca

Police elements in the Sidi Bernoussi area in Casablanca succeeded, on the evening of Thursday, June 20, in arresting seven people suspected of being involved in acts of violence linked to sporting unrest leading to the death of one of the participants following a knife attack.

According to preliminary information from the investigation, several members of a group of supporters of a football club gathered in various places in the Sidi Bernoussi and Sidi Moumen neighborhoods in Casablanca to celebrate the championship victory and commemorate a special date for them. However, they clashed with a rival group, which escalated into violence and unrest using fireworks and stone throwing.

These criminal acts resulted in the injury of a police officer and the death of one of the participants due to a serious physical attack perpetrated by members of the rival group.

Interventions carried out by the National Security services made it possible to arrest six participants in the gatherings and violence linked to the sporting disturbances, while the perpetrators of the homicide were identified and are currently being sought for arrest as part of the ‘judicial investigation.

The searches and investigations also made it possible to find among those arrested equipment and bladed weapons used to facilitate the commission of these criminal acts, in particular a mask concealing facial characteristics, bladed weapons and a firework.

The arrested suspects were placed under judicial investigation under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor’s office, in order to determine all the circumstances, details and motivations of this case. Searches and investigations are continuing to arrest the other people involved in these criminal acts.

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