Meknes.. One dead and one injured in a traffic accident between a light car and a Royal Gendarmerie car

A. Muhyawi – Heba Press

One person was killed instantly yesterday, Friday June 21, in a serious road accident, and others were injured, more or less seriously, by the collision of the light car in which they were traveling with a car of the Royal Gendarmerie, on the outskirts of Meknes. .

According to sources on site, the driver of a light car, a Peugeot 205, lost control of his steering wheel and collided with a car belonging to the Royal Gendarmerie, causing a violent collision which precipitated the immediate death of the driver. owner of the car and the serious injuries of two officers of the Royal Gendarmerie.

The accident mobilized the Royal Gendarmerie, whose members quickly arrived on the scene to investigate the circumstances and causes of the accident.

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