Spain: Horrible accident claims the life of a Moroccan woman and injured three

Heba Press

Yesterday Saturday, the A2 national road was the scene of a serious traffic accident in the town of Cuadalajara, located west of the Spanish capital, Madrid.
According to preliminary data, the mother was killed at the scene of the accident, while the father, aged 45, was treated and transported by medical helicopter to the city’s university hospital.

Our private sources report that the three sons are in stable condition without concern and are receiving the necessary medical treatment. As for the father, he underwent urgent surgery which lasted approximately 7 hours.

Immediately after consular authorities were informed of the incident, a consular team went to the University Hospital in the city of Cuadalajara, under the leadership of the Moroccan Ambassador, Karima Benaich, and the Consul General in Madrid, Kamal Arifi, in order to check on the family and provide them with psychological support following the shock they suffered due to the incident and the death of the mother at the same time.

It was learned from close sources that the deceased mother was a well-known community activist in the Moroccan community residing in the city of Huesca, who in turn rushed to the hospital to provide assistance and support to other members of the family . .

It remains to be noted that the causes of this horrible incident are fatigue and lack of sleep, especially if we know that the same family was traveling in France and then continued on its way to the homeland as part of Operation Marhaba this year.

We take this opportunity to once again call on Moroccans around the world to be more careful and use the rest areas available in all transit countries in order to ensure safe travel without fatal road accidents.

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