Morocco-Germany: Multidimensional Strategic Dialogue will bring new opportunities (political scientist)

Hibapress / MAP

The Multidimensional Strategic Dialogue, which Morocco and Germany have agreed to launch, will bring new opportunities for the two countries in multiple areas, said Moroccan-German political scientist Anissa Saysay.

“The Strategic Dialogue can help eliminate trade barriers and further strengthen trade between the two countries. Close cooperation can open up new opportunities and fully exploit the economic potential of both countries,” she told MAP.

This Dialogue provides a platform for an in-depth exchange on various topics, including politics, economy, culture and security, noted Ms. Saysay, adding that this initiative allows the two countries to deepen their cooperation and explore new possibilities. new opportunities for joint projects and investments.

“Morocco is an attractive investment location for German companies, particularly in the automotive industry, aviation, renewable energy and environmental technologies. The Strategic Dialogue will help remove obstacles and improve the framework conditions for German companies, which opens up new business opportunities,” she said.

The exchange will particularly have an impact on cooperation in the field of renewable energies, observed Ms. Saysay, noting that Morocco is at the forefront of the development of renewable energies.

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