Scorpio poison kills girl with zodiac… and voices call for intensifying awareness campaigns

Muhammad Manfaluti_Heba Press

Heba Press learned from its sources that a little girl, aged less than five years old, died in the emergency room of the Hassan II regional hospital in Settat, after being stung by a scorpion in one of the circles of the capital Beni Miskin, south of the town of Settat.

The victim was previously transferred to the urban health center in the town of Al-Buruj and from there to Settat Hospital, before dying in the emergency room following the scorpion sting. She was then placed in the morgue, where. his body was buried in his hometown.

It should be noted that the ministry of Khaled Ait Talib and Kalint had previously warned of the danger of scorpion stings and snake bites, emphasizing that with each summer there was an increase in cases of infection in some regions, particularly in rural areas. area and that the danger lies mainly among children. He confirmed that he had provided hospitals in the most affected areas with the necessary medical equipment and medicines, and had also distributed sufficient quantities of a medicinal formula against scorpion stings and anti-snake bite serums. , specifying that the anti-scorpion serum is no longer used due to its therapeutic effectiveness.

Here in the province of Settat, many question the lack of awareness campaigns, as there are no press meetings or publicity bulletins that would reveal the procedures followed in this regard, noting that many citizens wonder about the part of Hassan II. Did the Settat hospital receive these vaccines and was it actually reached or not? Especially since certain areas of the region are fertile ground for types of toxins, notably in the Al-Buruj region, where these toxic organisms record high aggressive activity, especially in summer due to the hot climate experienced the region. , and pregnant women remain the most vulnerable to their bites, as they often lead to death. Note that the Hassan II Hospital in Settat is located approximately 70 kilometers from the city of Al-Burouj, which exposes the lives of people suffering from poisoning. risk of death before they reach it…

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