Rugby Throne Cup: Mouloudia Oujda retains the title


Mouloudia Oujda (MCO) won the Rugby Throne Cup for the 2023-2024 season, beating Club Olympique de Casablanca (COC) in the final by 16 to 11, Saturday in the final at the municipal stadium of Aït Melloul .

This is the second title in a row for the Oujdi club and the 18th in its history.

The MCO won last year’s Throne Cup title by beating the Oujda Sports Union (17-3).

Mouloudia Oujda qualified for the final at the expense of Wydad Kalaa des Sraghna in the semi-final (22-6), while the COC punched its ticket to the detriment of the Oujda Sports Union (23-0) .

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