Egypt welcomes Morocco’s hosting of the meetings of the Libyan “6+6” joint commission

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Egypt praised the efforts of the “6+6” joint commission charged by the Libyan House of Representatives and the High Council of State with the development of electoral laws for the legislative and presidential elections in Libya, praising the reception by the Kingdom of Morocco of the work of the commission.

In a statement, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed that Cairo encourages the Libyan House of Representatives and the High Council of State to continue to play the role assigned to them in accordance with their prerogatives in the Skhirat agreement, in order to to bring together all the necessary conditions for the simultaneous holding of presidential and legislative elections in Libya as soon as possible to realize the aspirations of the Libyan people.

Egypt called on all parties involved in the Libyan crisis to support these efforts in accordance with the principle of Libyan ownership of the solution, and given that its mandate derives from the legitimate Libyan institutions, in order to achieve the expected objective regarding the return of stability to Libya and the realization of the aspirations of its people.

The “6+6” joint commission announced, during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, that its members reached, after two weeks of meetings in Morocco, a compromise on the subject of the laws governing the presidential and parliamentary elections planned in end of the year.

The Bouznika meeting is a continuation of the series of meetings hosted by the Kingdom, bringing together the different Libyan parties with a view to deepening the dialogue on the ways and means capable of leading to the resolution of the crisis in this country , following an approach that provides the appropriate space for dialogue and constructive consultation.

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