Tragedy in Al Burouj… the death of two brothers in a horrific car accident

Muhammad Manfaluti_Heba Press

Heba Press learned from its sources that a horrible road accident occurred Monday morning on the road linking the community of Sidi Ahmed al-Khadir to the community of Beni Khalouk, leaving two dead and a third person seriously injured. variable.

According to the same sources, the two brothers were going to work at the Monday market in Beni Khallouk, where they practiced their trade in the weekly markets of Beni Miskin, before being killed in a road accident resulting from a violent collision between a car. and a truck.

Our sources add that civil prevention officers from the town of Al-Buruj struggled to extract the two victims from the wreckage of their car, while a third person who accompanied them miraculously survived, suffering various injuries , after which she was transferred to the emergency department of Hassan II hospital in Settat.

Members of the Royal Gendarmerie from the town of Al-Buruj in turn went to the site to open an investigation into the case, supervise the transport of the victims and work to facilitate movement.

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