Casablanca authorities declare war on beach operators and ask citizens to report any requests for payment

Under the instructions of Mohamed Mhidia, the wali of the region, the authorities of Casablanca have launched a fierce war against the operators of the city’s beaches and against the illegal occupants of the beaches who demand payments from summer visitors wishing to install their umbrellas in certain areas .

Some offenders, working under the direction of unknown parties who give them influence, install signage demarcating large areas of Casablanca beaches under the pretext that they are private and that they pay rent to the authorities. They then force citizens to pay sums of money in order to stay there.

These same people, most of them with criminal records, exploit vast expanses of sand on the beaches and prevent citizens from approaching them, except those who wish to rent an umbrella from them. Those who want to install their own parasol are faced with the phrase “the place is rented, look elsewhere to put your parasol”.

In this regard, the municipality of Casablanca calls on all summer visitors on the beaches of the economic capital to turn to the authorities and law enforcement officials on site if they are asked for fees or if they are forced to use equipment intended for rental, claiming that only 20% of the sandy surface of the beaches is reserved for rental.

Through this decision, the authorities aim to limit certain behaviors which harm the summer season and disrupt the tranquility and comfort of visitors. In addition, several campaigns were carried out, resulting in the seizure of hundreds of parasols intended for rental and the issuance of fines against their owners.

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