Rabat hosts the international conference on the care economy and social protection

On June 25 and 26, the city of Rabat will host the international conference on the care economy and social protection, in partnership with the Ministry of Solidarity, Social Integration, the Ministry of Health and Protection social security, the Ministry of Economic Integration, Small Business, Employment and Skills, as well as the Ministry of Economy and Finance, with the participation of stakeholders operating in this area at national and international levels.

The conference aims to create an opportunity to mobilize collective intelligence and engage in the process of building an integrated system of the care economy, through the exchange of Arab and international experiences and knowledge on this important sector which, although not sufficiently visible, is productive and effective in compensating for the unpaid work carried out by women, thus facilitating their empowerment and integration into the development process.

The conference also seeks to formulate a set of answers that contribute to addressing the challenges mentioned and to enrich the public debate by asking a series of questions.

Additionally, the conference aims to make investment in the care economy an essential support for women’s empowerment and the creation of employment opportunities, aiming to reduce the cost of social protection programs in order to achieve family well-being and resilience. It will highlight the approaches, concepts and methodologies adopted in the field of care economics, present and share international good practices in this area, and explore ways to legally strengthen the different social care professions. The conference will also focus on the monitoring and diagnosis of public policies, legislation and laws supporting the institutionalization of the care economy, considering it as a real engine of development and a lever to strengthen social protection policies and achieve gender equality. It will aim to raise awareness among stakeholders of the importance of the care economy and to provide the necessary conditions for its institutionalization; and to outline the contours of a unified vision for investment in the care economy, by defining strategic directions, particularly with regard to financing mechanisms, stimulation of investment, provision of qualified human resources and standardization of services.

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