Egypt ranks eighth among the world’s largest military air fleets, according to the ranking published by the “Global Fire Power” website specializing in military affairs, while the United States ranks first in the world, followed from Russia, then from China.

The site was based on a number of factors including: aircraft types, fighters, number of trainers, fixed-wing military transport aircraft, helicopters and bombers.

This year’s ranking places the Kingdom of Morocco in tenth place in the Arab world with a total of 250 military aircraft, followed by Saudi Arabia which has 897 aircraft of this type, then the United Arab Emirates which comes in twentieth place. world with 565 aircraft, and Algeria, which ranks 21st with 547 aircraft.

The United States tops the rankings, as it ranks first in the world for having the largest number of military aircraft, compared to any country in the world, with 13,300 military aircraft overall, of which 1 914 combat aircraft/interceptors, 5,584 helicopters and 983 attack helicopters.

Russia came second with 4182 military aircraft, followed by China with 3166, India fourth with 2210, South Korea 1602, Japan 1451 and Pakistan seventh with a total of 1413 military aircraft, while the Turkey ranked ninth with 1,065, followed by France in tenth place with 1,004 military aircraft.

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