Saudi Arabia reports 1,301 deaths during Hajj season

Saudi Health Minister Fahd Al-Jalajel announced that the number of deaths among pilgrims this year stands at 1,301.

Saudi television reported the minister’s remarks, who said: “83% of them (the deaths) are people unauthorized to perform Hajj, who traveled long distances under the sun, without shelter or rest, including a number of elderly people and patients with chronic diseases. »

Al-Jalajel added that “the health system provided more than 465,000 specialized care services, including 141,000 services for those not authorized for Hajj”, according to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

He stressed that “the state of health of the pilgrims was reassuring, especially due to the high temperatures recorded in the holy places. »

The minister also mentioned “the positive effect of the intervention of health services, as well as the effective support of the Hajj security forces in the face of cases of heat stroke to limit the consequences. »

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