Larache: Life in prison for the murderer of his mother and brother

Heba Press – Tangier office

Last Thursday, the Criminal Chamber of First Instance of the Tangier Court of Appeal decided to sentence a man in his thirties who killed his mother and brother to life imprisonment for premeditated murder against property. .

The court sentenced the accused “AB” to life in prison for the charges brought against him after he committed the felony murder of his mother and brother following an argument that broke out between them after he was prevented from smoking “Shaqoufa” during the day of Ramadan. at his home, in a district of Larache.

The accused then entered a hysterical state and stabbed his mother several times. Then he argued with his brother and stabbed him before fleeing. The accused later confessed to his crime when he appeared in court, confirming that he had indeed done it. was subjected to demonic possession after his sixty-year-old mother subjected him to witchcraft and witchcraft rituals.

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